Specialising in Property Investment!

Enquire now – dual occ property available with NRAS benefit and 8.2% return on investment!

Thomas Behle, the Principal of Concept Pro, with his background in Financial Planning & Valuer is the ideal person if you are looking to start in the property investment market or add to your existing investment portfolio Concept Pro is your number 1 point of call for personalised, one-on-one consultations, solutions and knowledge.

We’ve been providing investment solutions for Queenslander’s for over 25 years and have a full understanding of the in’s and out’s of property investment… most of all, we are here to ensure your personal situation, preferences are not only considered but also treasured.

Our goal is to find the right balance for any investment property considered as to best price point, location and rental return while keeping a focus on tax implications. Last but not least – the final test comes with an independent valuation confirming the right property has been found.

Not sure where to start? Simply send a message via our Contact page and we’ll be in touch to give you a helping hand.

sample couple

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“…I must thank you for the fact that every person we met throughout the process was a unique combination of lovely, competent and considerate. I wasn’t at all embarrassed at asking some pretty dumb questions and I value the fact that Georgie, who is the more financially astute of us is now handling our paperwork. I thank you for the time your people invested in us for that outcome and reflecting on my mothers situation understanding how important that is.

I thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated the education that was part of the process and am excited about pursuing our next investment in the future.

Thank you so much”

Al & Georgie


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