About Us

Thomas BehleConcept Pro was established in August 1993 by Mr Thomas Behle who is a:

[list list_style=”square”]Real Estate Agent Qld 3004268[/list]
[list list_style=”square”]Qualified Valuer[/list]
[list list_style=”square”]Commissioner of Declarations[/list]
[list list_style=”square”]Accredited with Queensland’s leading Builders & Developers and holding CERT 4 Building & Construction QBCC 1107895 [/list]
[list list_style=”square”]Diploma in Financial Planning & Diploma in Mortgage Broking[/list]

Thomas originally hails from Germany and has now spent over 25 years helping clients to build and grow their property investment portfolios. Thomas believes in a personable, custom approach for each of his clients as there is nothing more important than ensuring the whole process is simple and fully understood by everyone involved.

Thomas works closely with Nick Savonoff from Gold Seal Finance to ensure full eligibility and suitability for financial investments and works with a further extended network to offer the best investment solutions possible. Thomas recommends you contact Nick and his team via their website to check your financial abilities as the first step towards developing your financial future.